Signs That You May Need to Take Your Car to the Mechanic

February 28th, 2017 by

It can be alarming when your vehicle starts to act up and the engine hesitates, misfires, stalls or is hard to start. You know it needs to be checked out, but how do you know if it truly needs a tune-up? You can have confidence that the expert technicians at Kia of South Austin will give you an honest assessment.

A mechanic, just like a doctor, should ask questions before coming up with a solution. If they inquire about the behavior your vehicle is exhibiting, they’re better able to diagnose the situation. Often, the best remedy will be much less costly and labor-intensive than a tune-up requires, so you’ll save both money and downtime. Here are some of the common scenarios our technicians regularly encounter:

  • A clogged or dirty engine air filter can lead to a slow, continuous loss of acceleration. It’s a gradual process that occurs over time, so you might not even notice the loss of power – until you need it.
  • Fouled or worn plugs can cause a misfiring engine, making them ignite at the wrong time.
  • Contaminated or low-quality fuel can create engine deposits that impair performance. In time, these deposits will rob power from your engine, lower fuel efficiency and increase your emissions.
  • An illuminated check engine signal is generally related to an emissions control system problem. This has potential to seriously affect both fuel economy and engine performance, so it’s a good idea to get it looked at immediately.

If you have concerns about your vehicle’s performance, contact our Service Department and schedule an appointment.

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