Learn What Summer Heat Does to Your Battery

June 24th, 2017 by

Most people know that cold weather can be terrible on your battery, but the extreme heat of summer actually may cause the most damage.

If it’s hot outside, it’s just logical to assume that it’s much hotter under the hood. When the outside temperature is 90 degrees, then it’s roughly 140 degrees under your hood. This kind of heat can evaporate your battery’s fluid, which will in turn damage the battery’s internal structure and speed up corrosion. Left unattended, this can cause your battery to fail much sooner than it should.

Since grease can trap heat in the battery, cleaning your battery can help keep it from getting too hot and prevent corrosion build-up on the terminals. Try to park your car in a garage or a shady spot under a tree to help keep your battery cool; if those aren’t viable options, try propping your hood open for a while to cool your battery.

Here are some of the warning signs that your battery may be damaged:

  • Visible corrosion on the battery’s posts or cables
  • Visible damage to the battery
  • It feels like you’re losing electrical power
  • Your vehicle is difficult to start or needs frequent jump-starts

It’s always a good idea to let an expert service technician check your battery to make sure that it’s performing properly. Schedule a convenient appointment at our Service Center.

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