Do You Know Why Tires Need Both Rotating and Balancing?

February 21st, 2017 by

Here at Kia of South Austin, we think it’s important that our customers have full knowledge of how their vehicle operates, from the engine to the tailpipe, and how to take care of it in order to deliver maximum performance and longevity. Today, we would like to talk about tires.

Most folks don’t know that tires, even brand new ones, aren’t perfectly round. This causes the weight to be unevenly distributed, leading to the tire being heavier in some spots which can cause annoying vibrations and rapidly increase tire wear. When new tires first get mounted to wheels, the technician spin-balances them to detect any vibrations. Some vibrations can be eliminated simply by rotating the tire on the wheel, as this lines the heavy spots in places that better match up with the wheel. After that, small weights are attached to the wheels to offset the heavy spots and help deliver a smooth ride. Unfortunately, the weights may eventually fall off as time passes.

When your tires are rotated, the tires are removed and reattached at different positions to help to ensure continued even wear. If you periodically rotate your tires but neglect having them balanced, however, you could still be reducing the life of your tires. We suggest that you ask your technician to balance the tires when they rotate them; in the long run, it’s well worth the extra time and effort.

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